OVERVIEW: Educational Working Landscapes

SOME OF OUR LANDS ARE MANAGED TO preserve biological diversity, maintain ECOLOGICAL functions, or ENHANCE ECOSYSTEM SERVICES.

Others are managed as "Working landscapes," like farms, pastures, orchards, and woodlots, where people earn a living.

The WORK we do on ICNL IS primarily EDUCATIONAL.


  • Education - Teaching and learning in all forms, including formal coursework and informal activities with students and the community.

  • Preservation - Protection of biological diversity, rare species and communities, ecological structure and function, and ecosystem services.

  • Research - Projects on Natural history, ECOLOGY, land use, and resource management.

  • Production - activities for generating economic revenue from undeveloped land, primarily through markets for non-timber forest resources.

  • Recreation - having fun in nature promotes work on other priorities.  Recreation is also a service we can provide to the broader community.


Each ICNL reserve is managed to address a unique combination of these five priorities, as stipulated by A STUDENT-AUTHORED long-term management plan.